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Online Blockchain PLC is a leading incubator, now working on AI and Technology solutions

Online Blockchain PLC began its life in the late 80's and was originally called Online Entertainment Ltd

The company was originally a computer games developer and publisher working on games across multiple platforms and was a pioneer of multimedia as one of the first companies to develop and publish  PC-CD ROM and Commodore's CDTV games like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Hound of the Baskervilles 

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These pioneering developments lead On-line to develop for 3rd parties, such as Canal + Soccer for the French media company and the Lawnmower Man for SCI who ultimately became EIDOS.

During these very early days of the internet On-line became involved in pioneering massively multi-payer games. Bringing trail-blazing online games like MUD II, Federation II and Air Warrior to Europe for the first time.

The company started to look at  the financial markets and the city and it was shortly after that Online Blockchain started work on a new project based around the stock market. We saw a need for the private investor to have similar access to market information as the professional, we created  ADVFN (Advanced Financial Network ) to allow private investors to interact and learn about the financial markets and view stock market shares prices live in real time leveraging the new exciting capabilities of the world wide web.

The company has always looked to keep at the forefront of technology and so advent of Blockchain was the next natural step. In December 2017 we changed our name to 

Online Blockchain PLC.

Research and development is at the heart of what we do so this new and exciting area was a must.

The Company is working on Synthia, an AI whole-life assistant powered by Open AI technologies. Synthia has been designed to offload time consuming tasks so busy individuals can focus on high value activities in their work and play. With abilities to interact with other peoples Synthia AIs, scheduling calls, meetings and appointments is just the beginning.

We are advisors to the Umbria Network 

Umbria is one of the fastest and cheapest cross-chain bridges.​

We are also working with the Rocky Horror Show to produce

The Rocky Horror Show NFT's

which we believe will open the door to the metaverse, yet another exciting technology horizon, which in so many ways echoes the world of massively multiplayer games we know so well.

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