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The alpha testing whitelist is now open for you to join which will give you the chance to help develop our new

Ai Assistant Synthia

Synthia Ai is set to make life more efficient, productive and fun -

Synthia, an AI whole-life assistant powered by Open AI technologies, has been designed to offload time-consuming tasks enabling busy individuals to focus on high value activities in their work and leisure time. With abilities to interact with other people's Synthia Ai, scheduling calls, meetings and making bookings will just be the beginning.

The app is based on the Pareto principle (80/20 rule) that states roughly 80% of output can be achieved by just 20% of input. Synthia has been created to increase the efficiencies in a person's life by removing as much of the mundane, inefficient 80% as possible. The Synthia AI ecosystem leverages users' work/life balance by streamlining their tasks and chores for maximum productivity while condensing all the overload of today's 'hunt and click'.

You can join the test group by visiting:

Synthia Executive Ai is currently able to carry out these tasks:


  1. Converse with You: Used for casual and general conversations, including deep discussions or debates, helping you with creative writing, storytelling, poems, songs, lyrics and so much more based on your likes or interests.

  2. Create Images: Create a unique image based on your given prompt.

  3. Fetch Ethereum Balance: Find the Ethereum balance of any specified address.

  4. Fetch and Analyse PDFs: I can fetch a PDF from any URL you provide, and on request, extract crucial information, perform a task, or even summarize the contents.

  5. Keep Track of Your Calendar: Upon your command, I can fetch the list of events and meetings from your calendar.

  6. Identify Image Contents: Decipher the contents of an image from a specified URL provided by you.

  7. Perform Site Reputation Checks: Manage Safe or Scam reputation lookups on any given site URL.

  8. Schedule Tasks: Take instructions to schedule tasks at a later time for things like reminders, sending emails, and much more.

  9. Email Address Search: I can try to find email addresses for a specific person or company.

  10. Send Invites: Send invitation emails on your behalf for meetings or events to specified email addresses.

  11. Send Emails: Compose and send emails based on the context of your command.

  12. Send SMS: Send specific SMS messages to any phone number (in E.164 format) you command me to.

  13. Fetch Site Contents: Get the text contents of a webpage or perform actions like summary generation or fact extraction based on a query from you.

  14. Fetch Site Screenshots: Take a screenshot of any website and provide you with a link.

  15. Perform Web Search: You can provide me with search queries, and I will return accurate search results for you.

  16. Leverage Wolfram's Capabilities: Can use Wolfram to fetch various types of information ranging from general knowledge, scientific concepts, weather, to details about places, books, and people.

  17. Assist with YouTube Questions: Answer questions or perform tasks based on the contents of a specified YouTube video.

  18. Perform YouTube Searches: Search for specific videos on YouTube based on your query.

  19. YouTube to Mp3 Conversion: Convert any YouTube video into an Mp3 format to be easily accessible for you.

Synthia Executive Ai will be adding new features all the time !

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