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PlusOneCoin a first step towards the future.

PlusOneCoin Crypto currency project


We are pleased to announce that following successful testing within the ADVFN Community we are now able to offer all

ADVFN's customers and members a PlusOneCoin wallet. This is the first part of our Crypto currency project with ADVFN PLC.


This new addition to ADVFN will allow it's customers to deposit PlusOnecoin at ADVFN from the blockchain. They will then, in due 

course be able to purchase social media items and functionality and products on the site using PlusOneCoin. PlusOneCoin can be

transfered in and out of ADVFN like any other cryptocurrency.


PlusOneCoin is a social media cryptocurrency which will allow social media users to interact and up vote content of other social

media users using the PlusOneCoin cryptocurrency.   



The Online PlusOneCoin Wallet  brings PlusOneCoin into the ADVFN platform, facilitates and introduces its large mature

user base to cryptocurrency, blockchain mining and other aspects of this emergent sector.   It provides ADVFN users an

educational platform to learn about Cryptocurrencies, increased functionality on the site and the potential of new products.

For ADVFN it creates a large audience for it cryptocurrency information platform, a broader audience, additional revenue

opportunities and significant business development opportunities.

You can learn more about PlusOneCoin and its growing community at ADVFN:

                    PlusOneCoin at ADVFN





                    You can get a PlusOneCoin wallet here, you can mine PlusOneCoin using the wallet.


PlusOneCoin is tradable via


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